This ancient village is perched at 500 meters above sea level; until 1922, it belonged to the province of Florence, and the Florentine influence can still be found in its architecture, customs and traditions.

Set deep in the green landscape of the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines, it lies at the edge of Foresta della Lama, a vast environmental treasure that includes Sassofratino, Italy's first nature preserve.
Bagno di Romagna, seen from the Pian di Basilico hillside.
Bagno di Romagna is known for its famous ancient hot springs, discovered by the Romans in 266 BC. The water bubbles out at a natural temperature of 45° C (115°F) and experts say it must work its way up through the earth for 700 years before it reaches the surface, full of beneficial properties. That means this is the same water that rained down on our area in Giotto's day. Illustrious visitors to the springs in the past have included Lorenzo de' Medici's son and Benvenuto Cellini.
The Bagno di Romagna hot springs have something for everyone.
Today, three modern spas offer a wide range of treatments based on the water and thermal mud, rounded out by health and beauty packages and fitness activities.

The Touring Club of Italy has awarded Bagno di Romagna its "Orange Flag", a prestigious seal of approval that indicates quality tourist services and a pristine environment.
In addition to horseback riding or hiking in Foresta della Lama, the area is dotted with small lakes and bewitching little ponds in the green chestnut forests, where one can enjoy fishing or gathering mushrooms and chestnuts.
A few views of the surrounding area.
The local cuisine is truly outstanding. Two restaurants in particular attract food-conscious tourists from all over Italy and from even further afield.

More generally speaking, visitors can sample unique, mouth-watering specialties that are to be found only here, as the result of centuries of cross-pollination between the culinary traditions of Tuscany, Romagna, the Marche, and Umbria.
Every year, the local cuisine draws more and more food
connoisseurs to the area.
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Foreste Casentinese National Park
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Santa Maria Assunta
A beautiful, majestic monument steeped in history, housing magnificent Florentine artwork: the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, built in 860 over an ancient Roman temple.
Historical parade
"I Giorni del Capitano", late July. A dramatic, entertaining historical reenactment of an episode in Bagno di Romagna’s remote past, the investiture of a new Captain (local governor): parades with over 200 costumed participants, banquets, and period music
flower-bedecked balcony
A lovely flower-bedecked balcony in the historic center of Bagno di Romagna.
Palazzo dei Capitani
Palazzo dei Capitani; the ‘captains’ sent each year from Florence to govern the area would set their stone coat-of-arms into its facade, bearing their date of office.
The sound of rushing water has always been the background music of this spa resort, and one often runs across crystal-clear springs and natural waterfalls in the midst of the emerald-green forest.
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