The twelfth volume of our heraldry book mentions a certain Pietro Biozzo Biozzi, a Venetian nobleman from Geregnano, in the Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia; in the 13th century "he fought for fifteen years on the side of Rome, carrying off the royal banner in Granada in Spain, and having gained the rank of colonel-major he returned to his own country, leaving behind two sons that were colonels, the first, Valentino, in Concadirame, and the second, Domenico, in Fielso".

These heirs held prominent governmental offices in Florence, Rome, and Romagna. In the early 16th century, Valentino Biozzi's descendents left to settle in Pescia and Romagna, while Domenico Biozzi's seven sons "spread out across Italy".

The next trace of the family can be found in 1829 Giornale di Campagna Tuscan land registry book, where a certain Don Paolo Biozzi seemed to have already been living in Via Manin 4, Bagno di Romagna.
A portrait of Giuseppe Biozzi.
The current owner has not found any other records, apart from a considerable number of letters, dated between 1860 and 1880 and addressed to her great-great-grandfather, the notary Giuseppe Biozzi, from Giuseppe Garibaldi, Benedetto Cairoli (President of the Council of Ministers at the time), writer and statesman F.D. Guerrazzi, and many other patriots of the era who were part of the Giovine Italia unification movement.
A receipt for a three-lire donation to Giuseppe Garibaldi.
However, the origins of Casa Biozzi must be much older, dating back to the 17th century. We know this much from the date 1666 that is stamped on a brick of the terracotta floor in the piano nobile kitchen, and from the coat-of-arms over the ancient fireplace and the rusticated stone arch around the ground floor entrance.
The brick bearing the date 1666 and the coat-of-arms of the Chigi family.
This coat-of-arms, six mountains and a star, seems to have belonged to the Chigi family; more specifically, to Pope Alexander VII Chigi, who lived in this era, dying in 1667.

A restoration of the front door revealed traces of an ancient Byzantine cross, making one think that a religious order may have lived in the building in the distant past. Experts have told us that the layout of the staircase on the ground floor brings to mind an inner courtyard that might have been ringed by small monastic cells.

The owner's grandfather used to say that on more than one occasion during cold, silent winter nights, he heard the rustling of garments and a murmur that sounded like voices in prayer.
Commendatore Giuseppe Biozzi.
Commendatore Giuseppe Biozzi was not the kind of person inclined to pay heed to popular superstitions. A man of great integrity and keen intelligence, he enjoyed the esteem of King Victor Emanuel III..

After having taken a degree in agricultural science, he was appointed secretary to the Minister of Agriculture, Industry and Trade in 1908, then sent to Tripoli as Director of Economic Affairs for Tripolitania.

There's reason to think he was telling the truth! Still, guests can find out for themselves by putting their ear to the austere walls of the house. And who knows, maybe those murmurs have a secret message in store!

Today, Casa Biozzi has been completely renovated. The master apartment, located on the first floor, is primarily used by the Biozzi family during the summer and holidays.

The second floor has been turned into two lovely apartments that are available for rent. Find out more about this opportunity by visiting the "Apartments" section of this website.
A few pictures of the owner's apartment in Casa Biozzi (not for rent) and some historic documents belonging to the Biozzi family. Click on the pictures to enlarge.
The kitchen
The kitchen features a large hearth and beamed ceiling. (Apartment not for rent).
Another view of the kitchen
Another view of the kitchen. (Apartment not for rent).
Salotto dei Putti
The Salotto dei Putti is the main room in the residence. (Apartment not for rent).
Owner’s living room
Another view of the owner’s living room. (Apartment not for rent).
The combination of a terracotta floor and a coffered wooden ceiling makes the study a particularly inviting room. (Apartment not for rent).
Secondary entry.
Hstorical document
The family archive is full of interesting historical documents. Pictured here, the twelfth volume of its heraldry book.
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