"Arcadia" apartment
The apartment has a spacious living-room with a kitchenette and two windows overlooking the surrounding rooftops of the ancient village. The furnishings are 17th-century family antiques.

The restoration of the antique 19th-century madia (a special piece of furniture used for making and storing bread) brought to light a heart carved in the wood with the letters LT in the center, probably the initials of the newlyweds for whom it was made as a wedding gift. The fabric used for the drapes, the small cushions and the throws on the two ecru sofas has a cheerful burgundy Toile-de-Jouy pattern that makes the large, bright room even more inviting.
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Double bed room
View of the bedroom, where the unique entrance to the bathroom is perfectly hidden by two wardrobe doors and a sliding door on the inside. A discreet, elegant idea that avoids disrupting the overall decor.
Apartment's entry
A view of the entrance to the apartment, with a glimpse of the landing and the bedroom.
Sitting room and kitchen
The fully-equipped open kitchen is part of the apartmentís main room.
The bathroom
The bathroom has a comfortable shower enclosure and is decorated with exquisite maiolica tiles made by master craftsmen.
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