General information
Casa Biozzi dates back to the 17th century and the current owner recently had the building renovated, maintaining the original layout, restoring the antique furniture, and dusting off any old curios that could summon up echoes of the past. The building has been divided into three units: the piano nobile has been kept for the family, while the second and third floors (third and fourth, to Americans) have respectively been turned into two finely-furnished apartments and two laundry rooms for the use of guests.
The Biozzi family today.
The bedrooms of the two apartments are almost identical, except for the paintings and lighting. A soft sky-blue colour predominates everywhere: on the walls, the bedding, and the small armchairs, as well as on the wardrobes, which have been lacquered and hand-decorated by skilled Umbrian artists.

The owner came up with a clever idea for the two bathrooms, creating the entrance to them through the wardrobe doors. Their walls are clad in delicate sky-blue maiolica tiles, hand-decorated by master craftsmen.

For guests who want to use them, there are two separate laundry rooms on the third floor; tucked away under the solid chestnut roof beams, they are furnished with a washing machine, a sink, and a small cupboard, as well as two closets.

The apartments have heating, a television, a dishwasher, a video intercom, and security doors. The flooring is handmade terracotta and the exposed ceiling beams are painted French-style, in a luminous shade of ivory that still lets you make out the knots, veins, and signs of time, to render all the rooms even more enchanting.
The stairway leading to the apartments, and a view of the Salotto dei Putti in the owner's apartment (not for rent).
The stairway in Casa Biozzi is made of 19th-century pietra serena and still features its original cast-iron balustrade.

Though the owners have kept the first floor for themselves, they will happily welcome their guests into the Salotto dei Putti to enjoy a cup of tea or to sit around the 17th-century pietra serena hearth in the center of the large kitchen, listening to tales of the past in front of a cheerfully flickering fire. If they like, the owner can even read them some of the stories about Bagno di Romagna that she has had published in magazines and newspapers, which skillfully weave together fact, fancy, and folk tradition.
The paintings in the entranceway.
The entrance features two frescos, inspired by Veronese's paintings at Villa Barbaro in Maser, Veneto. The two images were chosen by Signora Patrizia Biozzi, as symbols of the two cyclical ages of life. On the right as one enters, the painting considered to be a self-portrait by Veronese, hovering between the prime of life and future decline (shown by a broken lance), represents the hostess, while the young woman opposite represents her daughter Cristina, opening the door to life and all its great unknowns, as she carries on the traditions of an ancient family.
The writing desk in the vestibule between the two apartments.
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